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Friday, January 23, 2015

Pondering over the works of Allah Most High

If one sees in an unprejudiced manner, then one can see what wonders has Allah Most High put in our bodies and how ungrateful those people are who give the credit to “matter” and ignore all these wonders.

The fact is that when one has extreme interest in something one considers everything else as useless. That’s the reason one sets up impediments in progress of other things.  Thus, Diogenes who is a famous philosopher, whom Alexander himself had traveled to meet, considered other things as useless.  When he would see astronomers trying to find out about the sun, moon, stars, etc., he would remark:  They want to find out about the sun, stars, etc., but they cannot find out what lies beneath their feet.  When he would see astrologers at work, he would mock them thus:  When did you come back from the skies? When he would see musicians practicing their art, he would say:  You join and arrange your voices, more important than that is to reconcile your states with your intellect.

Just see!  How important and necessary are these sciences, but as he did not have any interest in them, he would debase them.

A saint said a couplet about love.  He was so overwhelmed by love that he considered all other tasks as useless.  He advises his acquaintances to fall in love themselves.

Thus, the intellectuals are always engaged in gaining worldly benefit.  That’s why they don’t get the time to ponder over the works of Allah Most High.  That intellectual who invented the telegraph, when he thinks over the electric current and its wonders, if he is told to contemplate over the divine wonders in human body, what will he say?  Instead of contemplating over the wonders of the human body, he will, at least, show this person out of the door and close the door.

This is the reason why the intellectuals have said that matter evolves as per the need of the organisms and we don’t need to understand more than that.  They said this and busied themselves in works which gain them the pleasures of the body.

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